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How to Be Happier at Work

For most people, work is a necessary part of life. The traditional 40-hour workweek means that it’s also a significant part of your life, considering how much time you actually spend working. Because of this, you need to focus on your mental health on the job, not just how productive you can be or how far you can rise. Work will always be work, but you don’t have to spend every day unhappy. Here are a few of our tips to make working as enjoyable as it can be.


Update your workspace

Having a space that makes you feel comfortable and at peace is one of the easiest ways to improve your mood at work. Think about what makes you feel good and surround yourself with it, whether it’s pictures, art, plants, or motivational posters. Buy yourself some fun or encouraging mugs to make your days brighter. Reorganize your space to suit your needs and then focus on keeping things tidy. These small changes can make a big difference in your mood.

Give yourself time for personal matters

The ideal is you spend all your hours at work actually doing your work, but that just isn’t entirely realistic. Personal business can nag at your brain all day, making you less productive as you focus on these tasks, and then overall, you feel bad. Schedule time every day (around 20 minutes) to focus on what needs to be done in your life, and then get it done. This way, you can mark it off your list and return to what you’re actually getting paid to do.

Be mindful of your health

There are so many small steps you can take to be healthier that will make you happier at work. Crazy how it’s all connected! Start your day with exercising at home or take short breaks throughout the day when you can get up and walk around. Focus on food that will fuel you instead of making you feel like you need a nap after lunch. Set a daily water goal to keep yourself hydrated. When you start to feel overwhelmed, take some time for meditation or deep breathing. Any use or combination of these tips can greatly improve your work experience.

Focus on the good

Knowing the natural human tendency can be to focus on what could go wrong or how much you have to do, make it a practice to focus on the good. Use your commute to think about good things that could happen, and then what actually did happen. Push back against the negativity because there is always a silver lining, even on your worst days. Need an extra boost of good? Find a way to help a co-worker. This pulls you away from your own troubles and can help them have a good day, too.

Get a new job

If you’re in the wrong job, all the tips to be happy at work won’t make a difference in your experience. When you know it’s absolutely time for a change, trust Sterling Personnel to help you find your next right step in Texas. We know you’re more than just what’s on paper, so we take the time to get to know you and leverage our personal relationships with hiring managers to get you the job. Start your journey with Sterling by filling out an application today!