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5 Ways to Motivate Your Team

As an employer, you know how important your team is to the success of your organization. Without their talent, skill, and drive, your business wouldn’t thrive. Knowing that you don’t want to make the mistakes that can leave them feeling drained or underappreciated. Try implementing these five ways to motivate your team.


1.) Talk to them

It may sound too simple, but this approach is one of the best ways to build relationships. Taking time to talk to them, and more importantly, listen, will help you learn more about them and relate to them more effectively. It also helps them feel more comfortable with you, which is invaluable when it comes to feedback about you as a manager and your organization.


2.) Learn how they work

During these conversations, you can also discern more about how they individually work. Even with similar procedures, most people have their own unique way of getting things done. By understanding how your team operates, you can feel confident in their performance and work with them where they are instead of constantly trying to get them to work another way.


3.) Help your team set and meet their goals

Rather than just assigning your team their goals, try to spend time working with them directly about what needs to be achieved, and then help them get there. Unrealistic expectations thrown on your team can make them feel defeated and like you aren’t really engaged, causing a dip in motivation. Acting as a team player to partner with your employees shows you’re invested in their success.


4.) Reward them with positive feedback

After a job well done, make sure you tell your team. Work isn’t done for praise, but positive feedback can boost productivity and appreciation levels exponentially. It helps your employees feel seen and they will be more motivated in the future. Another consideration is including actual rewards in your praise, like free lunch, extra time off, or even just a public shoutout. Plus, building a culture of feedback also paves the way for conversations about improvement. It’s a two-way street and you can’t provide constructive feedback without also acknowledging the good.


5.) Don’t neglect your company culture

All of these engagement techniques are great but don’t forget about your company culture as a whole. This includes the physical workspace and the general office vibe. If you want your company to be a good place to work, you have to make it be that way. This includes updates to benefit your team, listening to what they need in the office, and promoting a non-toxic environment.


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