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What to Offer When You Can’t Offer More Money

As an employer, you know the importance of offering competitive benefits. Attracting the best talent doesn’t matter if you can’t provide an incentive for them to accept your offer.

A salary on par with industry standards is crucial, but if you can’t offer them more, you have to consider other incentives. Here are a few ideas for your company on what to offer when you can’t offer more money.


More PTO

Who is upset about more paid time off? Most likely, the answer is no one, so consider this a tool in your belt when trying to sweeten the deal for a candidate. Figure out what you can reasonably offer and make it available for candidates.

It’s also wise to be open to negotiation, especially if a candidate is coming from a company with a different policy. Downgrading their time from there to you may turn them away, so let them know you can have a discussion.


Flexible schedule

With work-life balance being so important these days, giving your employees the option of a flexible schedule can be a huge selling point. Allowing your team to set their own schedule as long as they either get the work done or meet their hours is a great perk.


Fancy title

A good title can change everything, especially if it reflects the path the candidate is trying to take. Work before hiring to come up with a compelling title and then discuss with your choice if needed. As long as it fits within your parameters, you want to give them a reason to stay with you.


Opportunities for professional development

Showing a candidate you care about their professional growth is important, so this can help boost your appeal even if the salary can’t be increased at this time. Explain ways your current team gets extra training and invite them to share their interests with you.


Moving expenses

Okay, this is technically money, but it’s more of a one-time expense versus more money over time. An out-of-town candidate might want to hold out for more money from someone else, but covering these crucial expenses can give you the edge you need.


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