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How the Use of Social Media Can Benefit Your Job Search

You’ve probably heard social media mentioned in relation to your job search before. It’s one of the top tips to clean your accounts in case a potential employer decides to browse your online presence. While this remains an important step, did you know there’s more you can do with social media to help you get hired?

As technology progresses and social media gains popularity, there are more opportunities for you to use these sites in the job search. You might be wondering, “okay, but how can I put these platforms to my benefit in job searching?” Keep reading.


Expand your network

This one is probably the most well-known opportunity considering the success of the social media site LinkedIn. Instead of having to find networking events and hoping you run into the right people, you can do some simple searches to find connections that match your career goals.

Social media brings people together from all over, meaning your once limited opportunities to connect are now endless. All it takes is some searching and meaningful engagement.


Show your stuff

When applying for a job, you submit your resume and maybe a CV explaining what you know, but if you use social media correctly, you can actually show off your experience and expertise.

The key here is to understand the different purposes of each social media platform and maximize its use for your benefit. Start with a professional profile picture that you use for all accounts. This creates consistency and helps you be immediately recognizable. Here are ways to use specific sites:

  • LinkedIn: Not only can you list your skills and attach documentation for specific projects, but you can also have colleagues endorse you for these skills and even write recommendations. This is hugely beneficial because you have other people vouching for what you can do.
  • Twitter: This is more of a targeted platform which makes it excellent for job seekers trying to engage in their chosen field. By following relevant accounts, retweeting, and adding your thoughts when you can, you’re setting yourself up as a subject matter expert.
  • Facebook: While this is a more informal site, it’s still a great place to show off your interests and who you are as a candidate beyond work. It creates a more well-rounded image for the company to understand you.


Find more jobs

With more people using social media, more companies are choosing to promote their openings via their social media accounts. This means by remaining active and engaging with the industry where you want to work, you have the chance to find even more job opportunities. Even better, many social channels, like LinkedIn, make the application process simpler and faster.


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