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Why You Should Consider Going Into a Skilled Trade

Finding career success starts with a college degree; at least that’s what many seem to believe. The reality is much different. While college is a good and important step for some, it is not the right path for everyone. If you’re looking for a career and college isn’t for you, consider these benefits of being trained in a skilled trade.

You have a multitude of options

The world of skilled trades is vast, meaning you have your pick based on your interests. You can be a plumber, carpenter, HVAC specialist, fabricator, welder, etc. The list goes on.

A college degree also gives you the freedom to choose, but you could be entering a much more limited market. Right now, with so many older generations retiring, there is an in-demand need for skilled trade laborers. This means you not only get to do what you like, but you’re likely to get hired into a good job.

You will spend less time and money

When you train for a skilled trade, you’re looking at two years before you’re making an income. Not to mention the cost of your training can be significantly less, meaning what you make can stay in your pocket.

You will get out of the classroom

Things aren’t just theoretical in a classroom when it comes to skilled trades. As soon as you start, you get to work in the field to learn how things actually work. The real world comes easier when you know exactly what to expect from your career.

You will make decent money

The demand for skilled tradespeople, both now and always for the work they do, means you get compensated well. Some states have found that entry-level professionals in skilled trades actually make more on average than college graduates.

You will have more job security

It’s true that job markets fluctuate, but there are certain professions we will always need. With trades in demand, there’s always work for you.

You will spend your days doing what you like

Going into a trade also aligns with what you like and what you’re good at. For you, it isn’t an idea in your head that you hope works out. You know what you can do, and now you can funnel that skill into a career that is rewarding.

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