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How to Attract the Candidates You Need

Sometimes attracting the best candidates is easier said than done. You know you want them, and feel you have a good opportunity, but are you doing what it takes to get them to notice you?

Below are a few ideas for you to incorporate into your strategy to help you attract the candidates that are the best fit for your company.

Cultivate a good company culture

This isn’t a one-off you do while hiring; it should be the core of everything you do. Not only does a positive culture boost retention, but it also helps attract candidates because you are a place people want to work.

If you don’t have this reputation, or worse, you’re viewed negatively, it can be challenging to find candidates who are willing to take a chance on you based on what they’ve heard.

Develop a strong brand

This aligns with your company culture but focuses more on the outward appearance. When you build your brand to reflect who you are, you’re giving the world a glimpse of your personality, and what matters. These steps make you more visible and provide candidates an idea of what to expect.

A good brand that meshes with who they are can make them excited for an opportunity to work for you. Conversely, negative brand perception can keep top talent at bay as they wait for something better.

Keep your salaries and benefits competitive

This one should be a no-brainer, yet too many companies fall victim to trying to underpay. Including these items in your job post can either make a candidate excited to work for you or cause them to click away in disgust.

Conduct market research to see what companies are paying for similar roles in your area to make sure your offer is comparable, if not better. Ask your current team and look into benefits that people want that perhaps go beyond the basics of insurance. It’s these perks that can make what you have to offer even more appealing.

Include information about professional development

Some companies don’t focus on professional development because they don’t want to lose their talent. As a result, the talent doesn’t want to work for a company where they don’t have the opportunity to grow. Ultimately, by making professional development a part of your culture, you’re working to improve your company.

Take time to highlight these opportunities in the job post and explain room for advancement. Candidates want to know there’s a chance to grow, so make sure they see it listed.


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