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Struggles Recent College Graduates Face and How to Overcome Them

The signs of spring are all around. Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and college seniors are preparing for graduation. May is the month where many take the big step from their academic career into the real world, full of hopes and dreams.

Too often, this optimism is crushed by the reality that faces these young adults navigating the job market. Recent graduates are united in common struggles, but luckily, these challenges have solutions.

Struggle 1: Lack of reality check

It’s normal to feel on top of the world when you’re ready to enter the workforce with your brand new college degree. But you need to keep in mind that millions of students around the world are stepping into a similar journey. Some may connect with their dream job, but often it’s not where you end up first.

Solution: Remember that there’s something to learn in every opportunity, and sometimes you start low to get higher. Set realistic expectations for yourself.

Struggle 2: Lack of experience

It’s common to see jokes about entry-level positions requiring years of work to acquire, because you’re just starting out, after all. How can you have real-world experience? Companies understand that you’re in school, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have the opportunity to get out there.

Solution: Internships will be your best friend. Your program may require one, but if it doesn’t, still consider opportunities to work in your field and become familiar with what you want to do in a real-life setting.

Struggle 3: Lack of hiring knowledge

You probably learned a lot in school, but interview etiquette and negotiating tactics may have been lost to other degree requirements. As a result, you’re entering the field blindly with no idea how to ask for more money.

Solution: There is a wealth of interview information on the internet. Read as much as you can, speak with career counselors, and practice! Also, learn to ask for more than is offered instead of settling. Often companies go lower expecting a negotiation, so failing to ask for more could mean you’re leaving money on the table.

Struggle 4: Lack of certainty

Some graduates accept their degrees and have the next 10 years of their careers mapped out. Other people are more directionless, unsure of where they want to go next. If this is you, we have good news and bad news.

The good news is this is normal! Embrace your own journey, even if it looks different than everyone else’s. Unfortunately, the bad news is there’s no solution to make you certain. Walking through life is how you find your path.


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