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5 Challenges of Being Under-Staffed and How You Can Fix It

Despite your best efforts, you may find yourself under-staffed. Whether it was a recent increase in turnover, changes in the market, decreased demand, or top talent leaving, you may be in a period where you have less staff on hand to get the job done.

When this happens, it may be tempting to power through for a while, but this mentality can be harmful to your employees and company. Here’s why.

1. Increased levels of stress for your team

Even if your remaining staff can get it done, what is the strain doing to their mental health? By expecting more, your team may feel overwhelmed and under-supported by management.

2. Decreased levels of productivity

This comes as no surprise, especially knowing the stress your employees are under to complete all the work. With fewer people doing everything, you will inevitably see lower levels of productivity. The work may get done, but not as efficiently as before.

3. Minimal to no company growth

If your team is struggling and productivity is falling, a lack of growth for your company is the eventual next step. The longer your company remains understaffed, the more negative consequences you will see.

4. Increased turnover

The longer your team feels pushed too far, the more likely you’ll see people leaving for different opportunities. Even the most loyal employees may feel overworked and undervalued, causing them to look for something else.

5. Longterm consequences

Continuing to operate as understaffed will cause continual problems. Not only will growth decline and employees leave, but your reputation can suffer as well. This means even after you try and recover with a full team, people may avoid applying for positions for you based on what they’ve heard.


Instead of trying to work through the season, consider these options to keep your team and company healthy.

Pay attention to your busy seasons

Depending on your work, you will have seasons that inevitably become busier. When this happens, you may need to bring on temporary support for your team. By evaluating these in advance, you’re ready when they happen so you can be proactive instead of reactive.

Consider temporary help

Maybe it’s a combination of an unexpected busy season and turnover, and you’re stuck. You want to find good permanent hires, but the process is taking a while, and you have needs to fill now. This is where temps are your solution.

By partnering with a staffing agency, you can find temporary workers who specialize in your field to come into your company and bridge the gap until you’re able to permanently fill your staff.


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