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5 Signs your Employee is Going to Quit

Is it paranoia, or is that person getting ready to leave your company? Right now, we’re in a candidate’s market, so holding onto the top talent on your team is vital. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you still have that gut feeling that someone is about to quit. Here are five warning signs they already have one foot out the door.

1. Increased activity on LinkedIn

Depending on the person and profession, frequent activity on LinkedIn might already be common. The difference is not how much they’re on it, but what they’re doing. If you notice an employee updating their position descriptions, adding skills, seeking endorsements, and making new connections, be concerned. These are typical signs of someone boosting their online presence for attention.

2. Decreased initiative

Maybe your employee just seemed quiet at first. You notice they’ve stopped contributing to meetings. They no longer volunteer for projects. All in all, they seem distracted. While this could be indicative of personal issues, it likely means a change is coming. Check-in with this person to make sure they’re okay, and anticipate their departure.

3. Schedule changes frequently

This shows up in several different ways, including increased time off and change in hours. Depending on the team member, it can look like them showing up and leaving during the exact work hours. Instead of coming in early to work or staying longer, they’re only putting in the required amount of time. On the other hand, maybe they’ve started arriving later, leaving early, and taking longer lunches. They could possibly be burning through their PTO at an alarming rate.

No matter what it looks like, a sudden change in schedule is rarely good news for you.

4. Evidence of a desire for change

Similar to schedules, this looks different for everyone. If an employee expressed interest in a promotion, but didn’t get it, you can suspect they may start looking elsewhere. They might start asking to attend more professional development classes or workshops, indicating trying to improve themselves. This is particularly troubling if currently there’s no place for them to go in your company.

5. Less commitment

Are they saying yes to projects, or delegating them to someone else? Are they seeking extra opportunities, or doing only what’s required? A change in the commitment of your employee is a good indication they’re preparing to sever ties. They want as little as possible to keep them in their current position.


Take the risk out of hiring

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