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Advice for Reacclimating back to Office Life

For many of us, we thought working from home would last a few weeks, max. Now, more than a year later, we’ve settled into this as our normal and now face something terrifying: returning to office life. Getting called back into the office can cause an array of emotions, including dread, excitement, anxiety, and relief. No matter where you fall, we all have to prepare ourselves. Here are a few tips to re-adjusting to working from the office and how you can reacclimate to in-person working.

Start with your office routine at home

While there are people who’ve kept a similar routine this whole time, we aren’t all those people. For many of us, we may be sleeping in later, working in our pajamas (thank you, no camera!), or making showers optional. If you fall into the latter category, or you just want to up your game, try this strategy.

Start going through your office routine, even if you’re still weeks away from going back. Wake up at your normal time, get ready, and pack your lunch as if you’re about to leave the house. This can start training you for what’s to come without the shock of that Monday morning where suddenly you’re expected to go somewhere.

Write out your concerns

Even with workplaces deeming it safe to return, it doesn’t mean we’re all at the same level of comfort. Take some time to think about any worries you may have and write them down. Addressing your issues helps you deal with them, so when the day comes, you’ve already faced them mentally.

Developing game plans for dealing with stressors, like relaxation techniques, can help you make it through every day relatively calmly. Anticipate the adjustment and prepare for it.

Make prioritizing a priority

Being back in the office means seeing most of if not all your co-workers again. This is an exciting time and there will likely be a lot of friendly conversations. While this is a wonderful thing, you need to find the balance between socializing and prioritizing.

Start with a goal each day to get three things done. Yes, only three. Highlight those most important things and focus on completing them amidst the chaos of returning.

Give yourself grace

There may be mornings you oversleep. Or maybe you don’t complete your three tasks for the day. Just like when we went home, returning to work is a major adjustment. Even if others seem to managing it well, focus on your emotional health and give yourself grace throughout this time.

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