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Getting Back to Work After Long Period of Unemployment

Returning to work after an extended period of time can be a daunting task, but one that you can master! If you’ve been out of the workforce and are looking to get back into it, consider our advice to prepare you for your first day back.

Act like it’s your first day in advance

Remember, adjusting to going back to school after the wonderful summer vacation? The novelty of seeing your friends quickly wears off after you realize this early morning schedule is now your life. Similarly, returning to work after unemployment can have serious time adjustment issues.

Rather than wait until your first day for a new routine, put one into place a few weeks in advance. This will help you adjust to getting up earlier and being ready by a certain time. When day one actually arrives, you’ll be ready to go.

Watch your attitude

Your attitude will make or break your experience in most situations, and this is no different. Come in ready to learn and understand that things may have changed. Ask questions and don’t let pride keep you in the dark.

While you’re humble, make sure you aren’t overcompensating for your feelings by being arrogant and overly confident. You were hired for the job and had the skills, but you need to remember you’re trying to make a good impression, not alienate your co-workers.

Build relationships

Speaking of your coworkers, make sure you take time to learn who they are and build relationships where you can. The adjustment period for going back to work may be frustrating, but on-the-job friends in your corner can make the situation run a bit smoother.

Limit your activities

Not working means more time for activities, which is great, until eight hours of your day is now allotted to being back in the workforce. You may find that you’re now overcommitted, but the good news is you can say no. Even if just for a time, don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by everything you think you have to do.

Ready to get back out there?

If you’re ready to go back to work, we’re here to help. We partner with you in the job search to find opportunities that match what you can do and where you’d like to go. Our relationships with major companies in the Corpus Christi area means insider knowledge to open positions and the ability to fast track you to getting hired. Browse our job board and apply today!