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Debunking Five Myths of Working with a Staffing Company

While searching for a new opportunity, there’s a tool many job seekers leave on the table: staffing companies. Because of the myths surrounding what it actually means to work with a recruiter, candidates are staying as far away as possible. This lack of understanding means you can lose one of the best partners on your professional journey.

We’ll be debunking five of these common myths today.

Myth #1: It costs money

It’s true that recruiting services do cost money, but none it comes from you. Instead, staffing agencies are paid by companies to find the talent they need, which means our money comes from the people looking for you.

Essentially, you get the perk of a recruiter fighting for you every step of the way to find a placement that matches what you want at no cost to you.

Myth #2: Recruiters get a cut of your earnings

Again, while recruiters are paid, that money never comes from you. Companies are billed directly, and that cut will never come from your check.

Myth #3: They only place temps

Media plays a big part in this one, with characters on shows and movies getting placed in temp roles by an agency. While it’s true most staffing companies will place temps, it’s only one area of what they do.

Employment agencies offer a plethora of services, many outside of the recruiting structure. Placements can be temporary, but they can also be permanent, contract, or temp-to-hire. The goal is to learn what you want out of your career and let us help you find it.

Myth #4: They only work for entry-level positions

False! Companies are looking to fill positions at all levels, which means it doesn’t matter if you started working yesterday or 50 years ago. Similar to how they place a variety of employment options, they also place an array of professional levels.

Even better, staffing agencies tend to specialize in specific fields. This benefits you because you have an advocate walking with you who knows your industry.

Myth #5: Recruiters don’t care about my career

Just like companies aren’t only looking for bodies in voids, we aren’t just placing people carelessly. We take the time to learn what you’re looking for and what matters to you. This helps us make informed decisions when it comes to your career. Plus, we don’t abandon you after a placement. We keep in touch to make sure you’re connecting with your new workplace.

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With all the myths debunked presented, you may still have questions. Let us show you how it’s done. You can experience working with a recruiter and staffing company to see just how we can help you. Get started by searching our jobs today!