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How to Manage a Hybrid Team

What began as temporary measures during the COVID-19 pandemic is now becoming the normal way of work. Employers saw that their remote and hybrid teams were highly effective and the organization could keep moving.

As things wind down and the world begins to open back up, you’re probably seeing different desires emerge from your employees. Some are ready to return to the office, while others want to keep working remotely.

Understanding the work can get done, it’s your job to balance your team in the hybrid world. Try these tips for managing your hybrid team.

Redefine productivity measures

Refocus what you do on your mission and let everything flow from that. You want to keep your team engaged and focused on the work, which means drilling them about project deadlines won’t necessarily do the trick.

With a team both in and out of office, shift toward a mindset of motivation and encouragement. If you support them where they are, they will work harder for you. Trust, as long as your team has earned it, will go a long way.

Get the right tools

When your team first went remote, you probably invested in certain software, but now it’s time to evaluate again. What do you need to balance a team where some are in the workplace and others remain remote? Ask your staff what they need and work with IT to find the best solutions to keep everyone connected.

Be fair and balanced

Ever heard of proximity bias? It’s when you favor the people you see the most, like your employees, who may greet you every morning in the office instead of periodically via Zoom.

Recognize when you are leaning on someone you see more as opposed to their counterpart who’s still at home. If your team starts to sense this is happening, you’ll move away from the productive balance you need.

Check in with your team

No, this doesn’t mean micromanage and reach out constantly about projects. You should trust your people to get the work done while checking in to see how they are and if they need help. Schedule time to talk about how they are doing, not exclusively what they are doing.

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