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Job Seekers: How to Clean up your Social Media

Social media is a great way to express yourself, but have you heard you should be careful what you share? At this point, the answer is likely yes, but that doesn’t mean posts from your past can’t hurt you now.

Cleaning up your social media occasionally is a good practice, especially wise during the job search. Employers are checking social media, and you want your accounts to be a positive reflection of you.

Having a clean online presence can make the difference between receiving an offer or not. Here’s how you can clean yours up.

Keep things private

This one is probably easier for some, but if you truly want to get your life on lock, make your accounts private. This way, you can control what hiring managers see when they’re browsing your online presence.

Get rid of old accounts

Do you really need your MySpace, Xanga, and Live Journal to be searchable? While these may have defined your youth, now they can be a hindrance to your career. Think about all your old social accounts and deactivate any you aren’t using.

Remove inappropriate updates

Growing up with social media in the early days means everyone has post skeletons in their closets. Even now, it’s easy to forget the permanence and share a polarizing joke or something said in a moment that isn’t a true reflection of who you are. Take time to comb through old posts and remove any that you don’t want representing you today.

Edit your photos

No, we don’t mean with filters. Use a discerning eye to see what photos make you look good, and those that make the wrong impression.

Consider your bio

Your personality may shift across the platforms, but there’s value in a consistent bio to make you identifiable. The same can be said for profile pictures. You can control the messaging across the sites and help employers recognize who you are and a part of your personality instantly.

Trust Sterling to help you find the right fit

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