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You Should Hire the Less Experienced Candidate

There’s something to be said for hiring a job candidate with a depth of experience and skill. They can quickly get up to speed on the job and offer new perspectives that can be an attribute to the team.

But consider, too, the younger candidate with less experience. That youthful energy and clean slate can offer rewards too!

No preconceived notions.

If someone is new to the working world, or earlier in their career, they won’t have set ideas on how things “should be” done or the way work is “supposed” to be. They’ll be more open to new ideas and concepts and less rigid in their expectations and ways of thinking.

Creative thinking skills.

If a candidate is coming in green, they don’t know how things were “always” done in the past. That’s true if they spent a short time at a previous job before joining your team too. This is a great asset to have when it comes to problem-solving — they don’t know what others would consider impossible and are more willing and eager to try something totally different because they don’t know any other way (yet).

Don’t overlook good options.

Someone might not have the number of years’ experience your job posting requests, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have the attributes you’re looking for in every other way. Discrediting them and tossing their resume aside might mean missing out on an excellent communicator with talents that could help your company push the envelope in new and creative ways.

Attitude is everything.

A less experienced candidate might just plain be more eager and willing to learn. They’re hungry for a chance, they want to prove themselves and show what they can do. They don’t have any hang-ups over what is and isn’t part of their job; they just want to make a good impression and create a solid foundation for their future.

Think about the future.

Eventually, your older team members will move on. They’ll retire or get promoted or decide they want to do something drastically different as a second career. Younger employees will be needed to fill that gap. Additionally, the world is changing! Younger workers are coming in with native knowledge of social media and technology — this is the world they grew up in — and can help your more senior staffers address the digital world in a way some older workers just don’t get. You can break into the 21st century without having to hire an outside firm.

If nothing else, look at more resumes of less experienced candidates more often. Give them a chance. You might be pleasantly surprised at what you find — things you weren’t even looking for.


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