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Signs That It Is Time to Promote your Employees

Think about your team. Is there someone who has consistently gone above and beyond and become a shining star? Is it maybe time to show your appreciation and faith in them by offering them a promotion?

A promotion can be more than just a bump in title (and pay). It’s a recognition of the person’s contributions and a way to acknowledge their worth to the team.

Here’s how to know when the time is right to promote.

Their hand is always raised.

When a new project comes in, or an existing project has a change in deadline, this person is among the first, or the first, to sign up to help make it work. They’re ready to take on whatever comes their way, with energy and enthusiasm.

They’ve become a natural and popular leader.

Some people just have that way about them: a confidence and competence that other people are attracted to, making them a leader amongst their peers. They help other people work through their questions and inspire belief in themselves.

No challenge is too big.

This is the person who has a full plate but still asks for more work. They’re driven and ambitious and always want to learn more, to try new things. And there’s always a positive energy about them, a willingness to be helpful even when no one’s asking for assistance.

They represent your company’s culture.

This is more than just internalizing the work ethic and wearing team t-shirts to outings. This person will help organize canned food drives and volunteer shifts for community outreach. They’re signing up for gift drives and organizing in-office festivities to help make sure everyone has a good time and feels included.

They’re working for it without saying it.

Some people are always looking five steps ahead. Maybe this comes up during reviews or informal conversations about their career and where they’d like to be in a few years. They might blatantly say they want to further their career at this company but they might not; it’s apparent they want to make the most of their position in order to continue to build on their knowledge and skills and keep reaching higher.

Does anyone in your office resemble this? It’s time to take a look around and have some conversations. This will serve your company well in addition to the employee — and it could inspire others, showing them that promotions are possible for those who earn them.


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