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Don’t love your desk job? Consider these in-demand fields

Do you hate the idea of a “typical” 9-5 job? Does working in what looks like a stuffy office make you anxious?

Fear not: There are plenty of jobs out there that don’t require sitting behind a desk all day — and these jobs are in high demand!

If you’re looking to make a change in 2022, here are some new fields of work to consider.


Here’s a chance to build a bright future for yourself (see what we did there?) by getting into the electrical field. Electricians design circuit breakers, install wiring, fuse boxes and fixtures, help bring houses to life and map out electrical plans for buildings. There’s on-the-job training for people new to the field through apprenticeships that can last up to five years. Becoming an electrician could charge you up!

Graphic Designer:

Do you like to draw and doodle? Are you a creative thinker? Do you enjoy working on art projects or computer programs that let you build worlds? Sketch yourself a future as a graphic designer. Graphic designers can do many jobs, from creating dazzling new signs for buildings to imagining whole new logos and graphics for companies and their marketing materials. Every day can be different as you work on a variety of projects, including vinyl stickers, neon signs, wall coverings, food and beverage containers — it can take you anywhere!

Healthcare Professional:

As the population ages and we continue to deal with a pandemic (two years in March, good grief), there’s an increased need for a number of careers in the medical field, including medical assistants, receptionists, nurses and direct care staff. If you like helping people and want to take care of them while they recover and heal, this is a great career option. If you’d rather not deal with people who are sick while, again, still in a pandemic, receptionists, billing clerks and people who work on files and reports in doctors’ offices are in high demand too! There’s also a ton of job security in the medical and healthcare-related industry and plenty of opportunities to advance.

Maintenance Technicians:

Whether you know your way around an HVAC unit or engines, there are plenty of maintenance jobs open and always looking for good, reliable and knowledgeable people. From routine maintenance around apartment buildings and industrial sites to specialists who can lay pipe, do carpentry, fix a ceiling, redo bathrooms and other skills, maintenance workers are and will remain in high demand. Good workers who do a good job the first time are highly treasured commodities and people will gladly pay for a job well done.


Whatever type of work you do — or want to do — Sterling Personnel can help you find your next opportunity!

If you’re looking to change careers or want to build on the skills you already have in a new place, Sterling Personnel is ready to help you find your new opportunity. We have an updated list of in-demand jobs and great companies looking to hire someone just like you. Contact us today and let’s get you to work!