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Looking for a Fresh Start? The New Year is a Great Time to Kickstart a New Career!

Happy New Year! Most of us will be thinking about making a new change and looking for a fresh start, maybe picking up some healthy habits or trying to read more books as 2022 kicks off.

But what about changing jobs? If you’re unhappy in your current position, or just want to try something new, this is a great time to start working toward that goal.

Here are some ways to help get your career moving in a new direction.

Consider what kind of change you want to make.

Are you looking to change fields entirely? Do you want to look for a different job but keep doing the same kind of work? Maybe you really like the work you’re doing right now, you just want to go into a different place Monday through Friday. Or perhaps you want to do the same kind of work you’re doing now, but you want to have a different working environment altogether, like changing from being a data entry clerk in a doctor’s office but now you want to be a nurse. All of these options are open! Consider which skills you have that can translate to a new position, whether it’s in the same kind of work or a totally different field. Good communication skills, for example, are in high demand in every line of work; project management skills also translate to more than one type of workplace.

Update your resume with everything in your toolbox.

If it’s been a while since you’ve looked for a new job or prepared to change careers, take a look at what your resume says about it. Does it include any recent training or workshops you’ve completed to add new skills? Does it list any certifications that are pertinent to your current position, or ones that might impress a hiring manager? Make some changes to update your resume and make it as current as possible, then have someone read it over to see if there’s anything you’re missing (and to look for typos, grammatical errors, etc.). Also spend some time thinking about what you like about your current job, what you don’t like, and let those pros and cons direct your job search to find something you’ll really love.

Prepare a few cover letters.

Most job applications will require a resume and cover letter. It’s best to have a different letter for every application, speaking directly to the position for which you’re applying. This way, you can talk about how your skills and experience match up with the position — it’s a good way to promote your abilities up front!

If you’re unsure what to do next, consider these jobs.

Much has been said about the worker shortage in the United States in the past year or so, in addition to the so-called “Great Resignation,” in which people are leaving their jobs to pursue other things. All of this means there are jobs out there for the finding! Among the hottest careers right now are certified medical assistants, administrative assistants, maintenance and general mechanics, payroll clerks, secretaries and general office clerks. (All of these are jobs currently posted on Sterling Personnel’s site, by the way!)

Stay focused and keep track of your work.

The truth is, it can take a while to find a job. Keep track of all the jobs you apply to, how many resumes you’ve sent and any responses you’ve received. Make a running list of everything, including job descriptions, so you can go back and do a little more research on the position and the company when you land those interviews. It will pay off!


Ready to look for a new job? Sterling Personnel can help! Start here.

Be proud of yourself for starting on this path. Starting a new job can be an intimidating process, but you can do it! Sterling Personnel can help ease your job search stress. We work with great companies who are looking for candidates just like you and are eager to bring you on board. Take a look at our jobs website and let us know where you’d like to go next.