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Do You Need to Break Up with Your Job?

You’ve tried everything: improving communication, working harder, setting new goals, setting aside time to think about where this relationship is going.

It’s time to face the hard truth: It might be time to break up with your job. Some relationships can’t be saved.

But how do you know when the time has come to shake hands, part ways and go off to find something new? Here are some signs to consider:

It’s a dead-end position with no possibility of a future.

People need to be challenged, to have the opportunity to grow. If your current job doesn’t provide that, and is unlikely to offer a promotion or the chance to gain new skills in the near future, it might be time to look elsewhere. People who feel bored at work might eventually begin to resent the company for holding them back and letting their skills grow dull.

Going to work fills you with dread.

Everyone has bad days, or occasionally laments needing to go to the office to work. When that becomes your every day, and the draw to call in sick when you’re feeling just fine gets louder and louder, that’s a problem. People can suffer from anxiety and other physical symptoms of stress, including the development of ulcers, from spending too much time in a job that drives up the nerves. A job shouldn’t hurt your health.

You want something more.

Younger workers are increasingly vocal about wanting their job to be more than just a place where they go and spend eight or more hours in a day. They want to work for a place that means something, that does good work and somehow makes a difference or contributes to bettering the world, or at least their community. If your personal values don’t align with the corporate values of your employer, it might be time to spruce up the ol’ resume.

Dust is settling on your life goals.

Most people start into the world of work with a few goals in mind — maybe it’s buying a house, or starting a family, or taking a fantastic vacation every so often. If your job isn’t allowing you to make those dreams a reality, or to at least build toward those goals, helping you to live the life you envisioned, it might be time to find a new company that will be a partner in helping you live a fulfilled life.

Lack of respect is evident.

The world of work is changing in many ways, including younger workers demanding respect from their managers and those same managers realizing they need to earn respect from their employees. If that’s not happening and your manager is treating you in a manner that doesn’t square up with what you deserve, time to pack your boxes and get ready to move out.


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There might be reasons to consider staying — the friends you’ve made along the way, the benefits, the comfort of the familiar — but if your health and your future is hurting from staying where you are, it’s time to make a change.

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