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3 Things to Emphasize in Hard-to-Fill Jobs

It can be difficult to know how to attract new, qualified job candidates — it was hard before the pandemic and it’s even more so now.

How can you help get more eyes on your job postings and more applications in your hiring manager’s inbox? You have to find some key details and features to emphasize to gain the attention of young workers who are looking for an opportunity but aren’t going to settle for “just” a job.

Talk about the future.

If your company is looking for someone who could turn their job into a career, or at least a long-term position, you have to look at tomorrow, not just today, and a few years down the road. List a starting salary range and, during the interview, talk about similar positions within your company and talk about how one position could grow into something more, with higher pay, over time. If your company offers perks for people who stick around, mention that in the job posting as well: Some companies will consider an employee fully vested after three or five years, earning them perks like additional contributions to 401(k) accounts or more vacation time. That can be a very attractive item!

Be realistic about expectations of life-work balance.

One of the biggest changes in the working world since the pandemic is an emphasis on flexibility and a better work-life balance. If your company went remote or hybrid at any point, for any length of time, in the past two years, be upfront about the possibility of remote work, either full- or part-time, and talk about it early. Some people are still hesitant to be in an office around people full time; others are eager to be around people more often while still more might really enjoy the opportunity to have some flexibility in their working location. If remote work isn’t an option, what about flexible scheduling? Is it possible for employees to start earlier or later in the day, either all the time or on occasion, to accommodate their needs at home? Rigid office hours are going the way of the dinosaur — something to keep in mind.

Consider your online presence and job descriptions.

The first impression a potential job candidate has of your company is formed long before the interview. What’s your company’s presence on social media? Do you have one? Is it active? What’s the tone of the posts — fun? Serious? All business or is there some cleverness? Is there interaction with people on these accounts? Then take a look at your job descriptions, starting with the one in highest demand to be filled. Is there language that might discourage people from applying — language that might suggest an unintentional bias, age, gender or background preference or restriction on people who might have a disability? Job descriptions and social media can intersect in a troubling or positive way: The more friendly, engaging and welcoming your job and social media posts are, the better your reputation will be, especially among younger workers.


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