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Long-Term Benefits To Partnering With A Staffing Firm

Have you ever pondered to yourself why hiring good candidates is difficult? You spend so much time trying to fill positions when they become open and all you think about is why this is taking so long when you have so many other things to do.

Guess what: There’s a better way. Really! And it’s pretty simple: Create a relationship with a staffing firm.

Here’s why this partnership can provide long-term benefits for your company, saving time and money over time.

They have stacks of resumes and pre-screened candidates on hand.

A staffing company works in two directions: They help companies find new employees and help workers find new jobs. Sometimes there’s a great candidate just waiting to be picked up by a company — it could be yours! Staffing companies have access to resumes from candidates, many of whom have already completed some skill assessments that would be of interest to you, giving you the ability to hit the ground running with qualified applicants as soon as a position is open.

Improve efficiency and reduce time to hire.

Digging a little deeper, working with a staffing agency means they’ll get to know your company over time. They’ll understand your culture, your expectations for employees, what skills are more important than others, etc. Your dedicated recruiter will be able to pick up on the kinds of attributes you’re looking for in a candidate and they’ll be able to sort out qualified candidates that might be a good fit, passing along only those candidates. This means you’ll only see people who deserve to be reviewed and considered for the position, which can speed the interview and hiring process and decrease any lapses in productivity.

Increased flexibility when you’re in a tight spot.

If you’re looking for temporary help or a contractor to come in and sort out a project, staffing agencies can help pair you with a qualified candidate looking for short-term work. Hiring a contractor or temp on your own can take as long as hiring a full-time, permanent employee — that’s an inefficient way of going about it. Recruiters can find someone who will tick the boxes you need ticked, bring that candidate in and help you get the job done, and then they’re on their way.

Your candidate search will be tailored to your needs.

Staffing agencies sometimes specialize in certain fields or areas of work. That means your recruiter will understand some of the intricacies and finer points of your industry without needing to be walked through it time and again. They’ll understand your needs and how that compares to what the industry is asking for. It also means they understand the going rate for that kind of work and they’ll let you know, impartially, whether you’re over-or underpaying employees based on the salary rate you provide. They can offer solid insight into whether you’re asking too much or too little of your candidates and, again, they can offer some skills assessments of candidates before you even start reviewing applications.

Hire happier.

All of this, the screening and the faster application process, means the candidates brought to you will be good fits for your company. They’ll have received information about your company before they meet with you for an interview. They’ll have a good idea of the job and what will be asked of them if they get it. You’ll know who you’re getting, a sense of their personality and abilities, before they start. All of this means the relationship and expectations have been established, making for new employees who quickly become happy, engaged, motivated employees and valuable members of your team. Happy employees are less likely to look for new places to work and that makes your turnover rate a lot lower.


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