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Writing Attractive Job Descriptions in 2022

The rest of our lives might be returning to something like normal, but the labor market is still finding its footing after COVID, changing worker priorities and other societal shifts.

There are still plenty of things you can do to find and attract highly skilled and talented employees! The best way to start is by taking a new look at your job descriptions and seeing if they’re as effective as possible.

Here are a few tips for writing attractive job descriptions these days.

Be short and sweet, but interesting and detailed.

This might sound like a lot to try and cram into a short amount of words, but it really boils down to: What are the most important things candidates need to know about the position? What makes it a great job? Answer those all-important questions: What is the job, How much does it pay, What are the prime responsibilities and tasks, Who does the person report to, What skills are needed? Be descriptive in your writing to make the position sound fun, like something you’d want to do. If you need help with that, ask someone in the position currently what they like about their job and use their answers to help you. You don’t want to bury potential candidates in the nitty-gritty, but use enough information to get them curious.

Define what skills are needed compared to “nice to have.”

We all want the most qualified candidate with the perfect resume. But if you only look for perfection, you’ll never find someone who is solid, with a good personality, who can be trained to pick up the rest. Identify early what skills are absolutely required for the position and list them out, but include a separate list of other skills that would be great but are not necessary. You’ll attract more candidates that way!

Check your language.

We’ve all learned a lot about inclusive language in the past few years. It’s important not to take for granted that your job descriptions are meeting the mark. When was the last time they were reviewed? Review the language and see if there is anything in there that could be read as discriminatory or might dissuade someone from applying. If there’s a diversity committee within your company, ask them for advice to make sure no one is unintentionally excluded from applying based on the wording of the job description.

Talk about money.

This might make you cringe a little, but you’ll be better off discussing salary or rate-of-pay and benefits upfront. Candidates who invest their time in the interview process only to find out the job offers less pay than they anticipated will be frustrated and that kind of negative feedback could hurt your chances of attracting qualified candidates in the future. Be up front and honest about pay and benefits, including vacation and any work-from-home flexibility, from the start so people can make an informed decision about applying.

Think about the future.

Is this a position in which someone can grow and advance? Talk about it! Will the person who secures this job learn new skills, or have access to training programs? Spell it out! Younger employees aren’t just thinking about this job; they’re looking at how this job will help them in their career overall, even if they spend most of their working lives with your company. Make it worthwhile — show how you’re prepared to invest in them as an extension of investing in your company.

Ready to add new talent to your team? Sterling Personnel can help!

The world is changing, and your job descriptions need to keep up the pace. A few edits, some rephrasing and a review of your job ads by a few people outside the HR office can help keep you competitive and help you attract top talent! If you’re unsure how to proceed, call Sterling Personnel. We’re ready to offer advice and, if you need temporary help until new employees are hired, we have great candidates who are looking for short-term work.