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6 Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer at Your Manufacturing Job

We have waited and hoped and wished for this, and now it’s here: The hot summer months with warm temperatures and so much sunshine!

Except we forgot that those days mean it feels like working in a sauna when working in a warehouse.

June is National Safety Month, and this is a great time to go over some safety tips for hot conditions at work, so you can try to keep your cool even if the mercury is rising.

Drink water.

This is so simple and so easy and yet it’s also really easy to overlook. Your body needs water to regulate your temperature in addition to keeping you hydrated. Heatstroke and heat exhaustion are very real threats; drinking plenty of water, and more when it’s really hot, can help you stay on your feet instead of keeling over.

Be your own biggest fan.

That means keep a fan handy at your workstation, preferably with a mister attached or a spray bottle that can work in partnership with a fan. Even if it’s moving hot air around, a fan can help keep the sweat off your skin, liberating that extra layer of humidity and helping you feel a little cooler at the very least. Spray fans, or using a mister in conjunction with a fan, will help take the heat off your skin even faster.

Flex when you can.

If your company allows for a more flexible schedule in the summer, take advantage of it. Working earlier in the morning or later at night, depending on your schedule, can help prevent you from doing heavy lifting or physical work during the hottest part of the day, typically between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Take breaks.

We all need to stop working a few times a day to give our brains a rest. When it’s hot, our bodies need that break too. Every few hours, step aside from your machinery and get some fresh air. Or get some cold air and refill a water bottle. Either way, take yourself out of hot and steamy conditions and try to find some respite to cool your temperature.

Recognize the signs and symptoms of heat stroke.

Everyone is different. Everyone’s tolerance of heat and humidity is different too: that’s not good or bad, it’s just part of being a person. If you’re starting to feel dizzy, if you stop sweating, if you haven’t needed to use the bathroom in hours but are drinking a ton of water, it might be time to sit down in a cool area and try to recover from heat exhaustion or stroke. Go to a cool, well-ventilated area and drink more water, use a cold compress and a fan to try and bring your body temperature down. This is no joke: toughing it out can lead to dehydration and serious health problems. Don’t be a hero.

Dress for the weather.

If you tend to run cool, layers are your friend. If you tend to run hot, keep bandanas handy to use as sweat-absorbing cloths around your neck. Wear loose clothing, preferably in breathable fabrics like cotton in light colors, to help prevent the sun’s rays from soaking into your clothes.


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It’s important to know your body and understand when things are heading into a dangerous place. Don’t be afraid to step away and get water when you’re feeling dizzy, or to take more breaks when the weather gets hotter.

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