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Why “No Showing” For your Job Is a Huge Mistake

Leaving a job is hard. It’s an awkward conversation, maybe with a manager you really like as a person. Or maybe it’s resisting the urge to tell off a supervisor you can’t wait to have in your rearview mirror.

Either situation might make it seem like just not showing up for work for a while might help get the point across without making A Big Deal out of it. But reconsider: Deciding to “no show” for work, whether you’ve been there for a long time or just started, is a terrible idea.

Here’s why:

Bridges will be burned.

No matter how long you’ve worked at a place, not showing up as a method for quitting leaves a really bad impression. It says you couldn’t be bothered to be responsible and mature enough to be honest about your job change. Any good relationships you might’ve had at that company with anyone in management will be gone quickly.

It could cost you references.

Some companies want to speak with former managers or supervisors when going through the interview process. Even if time has passed, if you’ve “no showed” your way out of a job, that supervisor might have no hesitation in telling anyone who ever calls about you again what you did. This one move can leave a very long, dark shadow on your reputation.

It could cost you opportunities.

People talk. It’s just a thing we humans do. We share stories and information. When you “no show” on a job, word will get out. If you work in a small industry, or in a small city, odds are people you work with will know people at the place you’re going to work, or at places you’ll apply to in the future. They might see your name on an application and call around to see who knows you and when they find out you just walked off a job, or didn’t show up for an interview, it’s a big red flag to not take you seriously. Why would they risk it?

It hurts your reputation.

If you don’t care about any of the above, consider this: People will think poorly of you. They won’t trust you or think that you’re reliable. Your friends and family might even think less of you for making this decision, regardless of whether you think you have a really good reason for doing what you did.

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The actions you take matter. The way you treat people matters. It’s easy to shrug and say “it’s just business, it’s nothing personal,” and that might very well be true, but deciding to “no show” for a job, an interview or as a method for quitting can have some very real, personal repercussions. Just don’t do it!

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