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5 Ways Automation Can Improve Your Hiring Process

Do you know one of the top complaints by job seekers these days? It’s that the hiring process can take so long, it feels like they’ll never get a response.

Going through applications, checking resumes, scheduling and conducting interviews, reviewing each interview, having another round of meetings — it does take a lot of time and resources to find and hire the right person. But don’t lose out on good candidates in the meantime.

Consider the benefits of adopting automation to speed the time between posting a job and welcoming your new hire.

Here’s how automation can improve, and speed, your hiring process.

Prescreen candidates.

Posting a job is equivalent to opening the floodgates. But using automation and technology means you can control the flow of resumes onto your desk by asking qualifying questions during the application process. This means only candidates whose backgrounds match your qualifications will come to you, leaving out ones that just aren’t a good fit to start with.

Better quality candidates.

Not only will you have eliminated unqualified candidates from hitting your desk, the ones whose resumes make it to you will be more closely aligned with what you’re looking for to fill the open position. You can use your automation to specify what kind of experience is preferred, what skills are ideal for the job and any particular training or certifications you’d like the new hire to have, and people who check most or all of your pre-determined boxes will be filtered through.

Faster response times to candidates during the interview process.

If candidates feel they’re left in the dark due to long waits for a response, that can lead to bad reviews and negative posts on social media about your company. Or you can embrace the idea of automating responses at various points in the interview process for candidates and solve the problem before it begins. You can also establish chatbots to address some questions candidates might have as they’re filling out their resume or submitting an application, helping them to feel more confident as they apply.

Faster time to hire.

If you’re getting higher-quality candidates from the jump, you’ll have fewer resumes to sort through. The ones you’ll receive will all be strong candidates, meaning you won’t have to go through rounds and rounds of opening the position for applications, which will help you find the best candidate faster and bring them onto your team a lot sooner. Plus, you’ll be saving time and money by taking a lot of the resume reviewing tasks off your to-do list, allowing you to be more productive overall throughout the process.

Eliminate possible bias.

Try though we might to eliminate any possibility of our personal biases seeping into the interview and hiring process, we’re humans and this happens. We’re not perfect and, sometimes, that means the best qualified candidate gets looked over by someone who went to the same university or worked in the same company, any little coincidental detail that could help one candidate unfairly over another. Automation in the resume review process takes that off the table completely. People will be viewed for their work, their qualifications and their experiences, nothing more or less.

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If this all makes sense to you, it’s time to consider automating your hiring process and see how much more smoothly everything goes.

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