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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Quitting Your Job

We’ve all been there: It’s been a bad week (or month, or year) and it’s impossible to remember a time you were excited to go to work in the morning. After a long time, you’re just not happy with your current place of employment and it’s very tempting to just give your notice and walk out.

If you’re ready to quit your job — with or without something new lined up — here are a few things to consider before making a big change.

What is my biggest concern or issue here?

Write a list of all the things that are frustrating you and causing you to consider leaving. Determine which items are things you control and which are out of your hands. Are any of the items fixable? Have you tried talking to your manager about any of the items on your list? If pay is the problem, have you asked for a raise? If there are actionable items on your list, it might be worth trying to fix the problem before giving up altogether.

How long have I felt this way?

Answer yourself honestly. Has this bad feeling, this unhappiness, been growing for a while? Or is it relatively new? If it’s new, what’s changed at your employer recently to cause this difference? Is it something that can be addressed? It could be a temporary rough stretch at work — we all have them — but if things have been disagreeable for a while or if you’ve felt like you need a change for longer than a few months, it might be time.

What’s the benefit of quitting?

If you were to walk out right now, what would you gain? What would you be giving up? If you really like your coworkers and get along well with them, what are the honest chances of staying in touch? If you and your manager are often at odds, would getting rid of that stress be worth the challenges of finding a new job right away? Leaving one job to start a new one means a fresh slate, of course, but it also means getting to know new people in a new environment and learning the quirks of a new manager as well.


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Leaving a job is sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself. But sometimes the belief that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence can be disappointing too. Consider all your options before you make a change.

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