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Enjoy Working with Your Hands? 5 Careers to Consider

Does the thought of working in an office all day bore you to tears? Would sitting at a computer drive you slightly batty? Do you like getting your hands dirty or using them to create things?

Good news — Sterling Personnel can help you find a great new job! We know that not everyone wants to be inside all the time and that, for some, the kind of work that produces something tangible at the end of the day is the best kind of labor.

Here are five jobs to consider, all of which Sterling Personnel can help you secure!


One of the oldest professions in the book! Carpentry is everything from building houses to building offices and all other structures in between. Measuring, sawing, working from blueprints; it’s the kind of job where you can monitor your progress every day and see how far you’ve come from one day to the next, with no question about what the point of each day will be.

Groundskeeper/property maintenance.

The great outdoors awaits. People in these positions can utilize their love of being outside and their appreciation of nature to make the world a better place. Whether you’re keeping the lawn and gardens well-maintained and manicured or cutting down trees to make way for new homes, utilities or a new park, groundskeeping work can be very fulfilling and well-paying.


Large or small, all engines need fixing and tuning up. Do you like tinkering with cars, trucks, tractors, boats, or any other kind of motorized engine? Are you good with them too? Mechanics are always in demand and we’d be happy to help you find a position where you’ll be appreciated and trusted to bring vehicles back to life and keep them well-maintained.

HVAC maintenance technician.

When things get too hot or too cold, who comes to the rescue? The HVAC technician. You can be the miracle worker keeping people comfortable in the winter or summer. HVAC technicians also keep those people who have office jobs in a position to have those friendly debates about where the thermostat should be kept all year ’round, working together to find the fine line between too hot and too cold that really does exist despite what some might say.

Deckhand/Maritime dispatcher.

Has the open sea always called to you? Consider a job as a deckhand – someone who maintains boats, keeping them seaworthy and well maintained, sometimes even living aboard a larger yacht as it travels around the world. Or maybe being a maritime dispatcher is more for you. This job entails being a traffic controller for waterways, maintaining coordination with other agencies and keeping the waterways safe.

Ready to find a new job? Let Sterling Personnel give you a hand.

A 9-5 inside job isn’t the dream or the goal for everyone. You like having a little dirt or grease under your fingernails and we’re standing by ready to help you find a great one! Contact Sterling Personnel today and let us assist you in understanding all your options. Check out our job board and see what’s available!