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3 Reasons NOT to Go Back to School & Start Working Today

It can certainly seem like all the good jobs, the ones that pay well, require at least a bachelor’s degree to even get your foot in the door for an interview.

The good news is, that there are plenty of jobs that pay well and only require a high school diploma! There are full-time jobs that are looking for people ready to get to work and are eager to learn a new skill, and there are plenty of opportunities for temporary work if you’re still thinking about what you’d like to do as a career.

Here are three good reasons to feel confident in going to work now, instead of waiting to finish a degree (and knowing you’ll find a good job!).

Companies are changing their ideas about education.

In the past few years, big, multi-billion-dollar companies like Google, IBM, Bank of America, Apple, even Netflix and Tesla have started expanding their hiring practices to welcome people without four-year degrees. These companies offer great-paying jobs in technology, but they’re also looking for people with computer skills for data entry, administrative work and other in-demand tasks that don’t always require a college degree.

Experience counts.

A study from Harvard Business School found that more and more employers are realizing that not everything important for the working world is learned in college. An estimated 37% of companies are looking for experience — work and life — as an indicator of a strong candidate. If you’re eager and willing to learn on the job, and you have some training or skills experience that pertains to a job, that can be just as good as a degree.

There are tons of well-paying jobs that don’t require degrees!

Did you know you can work as a pharmacy technician without specialized training? Online advertising and social media roles might require some experience, but anyone who has a social media account understands how it works. Customer service jobs, payroll clerks, medical assistants, CDL drivers, billing clerks, HR clerks, medical billing positions, and even paramedic jobs, all of them pay well and are in demand and don’t require degrees.


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If you’ve been considering going back to school to get a degree because you think that’s the only way forward, it might be worth giving your job search a little more time. Education is wonderful and it can certainly help, but if you’d rather start working now, there are plenty of opportunities.

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