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Budget Friendly Ways to Invest in Your Employees’ Wellbeing

Happy employees are ones that feel supported, cared for, and appreciated. One way to do that is to invest in their well-being, showing that you care not just for how productive they are while on the clock, but that their health matters to you because they’re good people.

Over the past few years, we’ve all heard the stories of employees making big changes in their lives, leaving jobs that aren’t making them happy or aren’t conducive to a good work-life balance. Consideration for their overall health and well-being is a big part of that!

If you want to keep your employees and keep them happy, it’s possible to support their well-being without breaking the bank.

Offer no-question mental health days.

We all have times when we’re juggling too much, trying to get more done in less time and, ultimately, burning out from the stress of it all. Offering your employees mental health days, in addition to their existing bank of PTO, is a great way to do this. It allows your employees to take a day off to reset, regroup, rest, recharge, or whatever they need, without punishment. It reinforces that people need to take breaks from everything once in a while. A great way to support your team by letting them take a breather.

Institute a no-contact policy after hours.

Give people back their time — including you! — by promising not to contact anyone after business hours. Unless it’s an absolute, dire, unescapable emergency, promise that no email, texts or phone calls will take place after your team leaves for the evening, not on weekends or holidays or even just a regular work day. That way, there’s no pressure to keep an eye on their phones; they can spend time with their families, or enjoying hobbies, or just taking a break, and it frees you up to do the same. It’s a win-win.

Offer wellness activities on the clock.

If your company offers health insurance, talk with the provider to see what kind of workplace wellness activities or practices are available. Ask if there’s an opportunity to bring an expert to your office to lead a class on yoga, for example, or mindfulness or meditation. Give people the chance to adopt and learn some wellness and resiliency techniques that they can use while at work in addition to when they get home.

Encourage a little fun on a regular basis.

If you’ve ever watched The Office, you know that people were always throwing birthday parties, playing games or pranks, or generally finding ways to make the workday a little more fun. Why not host an impromptu open mic afternoon and encourage people to tell their best jokes? Or host a cookie or treat contest to see who can make the most delicious goodie? Do you have some great singers? Why not a monthly karaoke happy hour in-house (minus the bar)? Anything that your team might find fun and enjoyable is a good idea. The key is to blow off a little steam before the pressure cooker is set to burst.

Say thank you.

Nothing is more meaningful or costs less than saying thank you. Showing appreciation is the single most important thing a manager can do. Employees who feel underappreciated, invisible, out of touch, and like their work is unnoticed are the ones most likely to be looking for an opportunity to leave. They’re also going to have a lower morale than those who feel their work is noticed and valued. Take the time to call people out for their contributions and make it abundantly clear that every member of your team is important and irreplaceable.


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Even if your team is all smiles and good times, there’s no harm in doing what you can to support them as people as much as employees. Their health and well-being are directly tied to your company’s success and are worth investing in. If you’re looking for other suggestions or need to add to your team, Sterling Personnel is ready to help! Give us a call and tell us what you’re looking for, and our experts will find candidates with the background and experience you need, all ready to start working right away.