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Determining your Hiring Needs for 2023

When the calendar flips to a new year, companies typically have their budget forecast locked in for the year, along with growth projections and anticipated goals and expectations for the year ahead.

If your company did well in 2022 and looks to expand on that in 2023, it might be time to consider bringing on additional employees. As you prepare to make those decisions, consider these questions and how you’ll answer them.

Do you know where to find the most talented candidates?

How do you let people know you have open positions? Have those methods provided the same results in recent years as they have in the past? It might be time to try something new, including working with a staffing agency (like Sterling Personnel) or partnering with local colleges and trade schools to help reach new potential candidates. Don’t forget the power of the internet and websites like LinkedIn for reaching a deeper, wider pool of candidates.

Do you know how to attract these candidates?

As recently as a few months ago, there were about 10 million open positions in the United States. Some of these openings represent people who quit because they wanted something more from their jobs — the pandemic changed the way a lot of people think about work and how to better establish a work-life balance. In order to entice these candidates, you’ll need to offer jobs that are exciting, something that can give them more than just 40 hours a week and will help their skills stay relevant while under your proverbial roof. Your job description needs to do a lot of heavy lifting to tell a story about your company, and the position you’re offering, that can make candidates not only see themselves there, but be excited to join your team. Job candidates aren’t looking for “just a job” anymore, and the better that’s understood by your company, the better off you’ll be.

Are you prepared to compete with other companies?

What do you offer your employees that keeps them around? What is your employee retention program like? What do your employees like about their job? Build on that and talk about it. What incentives can your company offer that others can’t or won’t, from mentorship opportunities to training and skills classes to remote work opportunities to flexible hours, etc. Those 10 million job openings mean people are available to work; by and large people want to find meaningful work that will give them a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day. What can you do to win them over? What does your website say about your company culture — is it welcoming and openly diverse? Make sure your website shows off all of what your company is about, not just the jobs and profit.

Need to expand your team in 2023? Sterling Personnel can make hiring a snap!

When you’ve prepared answers to those questions, it’s time to get down to business. Work with your team to determine how many new employees are needed and can be supported by the current budget, including which positions need to be consolidated or expanded, and start reviewing your website and job descriptions to attract the best candidates. You’ll want to act quickly, both to post positions and to carry out the interview and hiring process, as people who apply for jobs at your company will be applying for other positions as well and the first to make an offer will win. There’s no time to lose!

If you need a little help reaching candidates or need to hire someone quickly for a short-term temporary project, Sterling Personnel can help. We have great candidates ready to jump in and get to work, either permanently or temporarily, and we’d be happy to introduce you. Call Sterling Personnel today and let’s get to work.