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You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Take on Temporary Job

If you’re looking to make a change, or start a new career, but you don’t know what you want to do next, it might be time to consider a temporary job.

Temporary jobs provide so much more than just a paycheck! They can be very valuable to you and to the companies that offer them. And the misconception that these are dead-end jobs that lead nowhere and provide no benefits is just that — a misconception. Leave it in the past and reconsider your future. Here’s why temporary jobs can be just what you need to consider.

Gain experience and skills.

Temporary jobs are often posted because companies need someone who can step in quickly and take on a particular job for a short term. It might be seasonal help at a store during a busy time or it could be helping out an office with a simple task when someone’s out of the office for a while. If you have some applicable basic skills, you might be just what the company is looking for! At the same time, you’ll be picking up on-the-job training and learning new skills and techniques that you can immediately add to your resume and help add to your abilities, boosting your knowledge and experience base for the future.

You’ll meet people.

Every place you work is an opportunity to make new friends, sure, but it’s also a chance to meet people who can help you in the future. Maybe your temporary boss will be a great person who offers to serve as a reference when you apply for other jobs. Maybe a coworker will know of an opening at another company and offers to pass your name along. Maybe you’ll make a great impression in your temporary placement and, when a permanent job opens up, you’ll be top-of-mind for the job (more on that in a moment). There’s no downside to expanding your network!

Temporary work often starts right away.

Companies need temporary workers because they’re in a pinch. That means, if you’re available for work right now, you might get a call the day after you contact a staffing company (like Sterling Personnel) about opportunities in your area. The ability to jump right in and get to work can be incredibly valuable to a company and it helps put money in your pocket faster than waiting for a traditional, full-time job to go through the hiring process and get you up to speed.


Temporary jobs might not be full-time jobs. That gives you a chance to try on several different jobs for size at once, if that’s what you’d like to pursue. You might work one temp job on Monday, another Tuesday afternoon, take Wednesday off, pick up a third job on Thursday and go back on Friday. If you aren’t available for a placement, you don’t have to take it! If you are flexible in when you want to work (days, nights, weekends, etc.), you can find work to fit your schedule. All the while, you’ll be learning valuable skills and experience.

Consider it a long interview.

The great thing about temporary jobs is that you’re trying out a new job as much as management is trying you out. You might find that you love the work but don’t love the company. That helps you narrow down your options when you look for a permanent job. Maybe you make such a good impression that the job you picked up as a temporary placement results in a permanent job offer and – surprise – a perfect opportunity fell right into your lap. Working a temp position lets you get to know a company and a job as much as it lets the company get to know you.

Looking for a temporary job in 2023? Sterling Personnel can help!

Temporary jobs are great opportunities to learn more about yourself, help you learn new skills and help you figure out what you want to do next. And you’re getting paid in the process!

When you’re ready to see what temporary jobs are available and learn more about how they can help your future, call Sterling Personnel. Take a look at the jobs we have available; if something seems like a good fit, let us know and we’ll get to work. Sterling Personnel helps pair good people with good jobs and we’re ready to help you!