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5 Key Things to Consider BEFORE Accepting a Job Offer

It happened! After looking for and applying to jobs, and going on interviews with a handful of promising-sounding companies with great jobs, you’ve landed an offer. Congratulations!

But before diving in and accepting the offer, take a beat. Make sure the job, and the compensation package that comes with it, are the best one for you, the one you deserve and one that will make you happy and out of the job hunt for a while. Here are five things to consider, and ask about, before accepting a job offer.

Is the company and the position stable?

Nothing is ever guaranteed, of course, and the road ahead could be filled with turns on a large scale that no one can see coming. All that aside, is this a reputable company? Is this position one that fills a need that the company knows will still be in place in six months, or a year, or two years? Is the company facing any hardships, lawsuits, etc., or anything that might cause financial stress in the short- or long-term? Take a moment to both ask the HR representative who delivered the offer and do a little digging of your own.

What was the work environment like?

Assuming you’re looking at an in-person position, reflect on the people you met and the work environment itself. Did people look happy to be there? Was the office space bright and welcoming? Did you feel comfortable there, with as much of the space you saw during the interview? Were you introduced to people? If you had a chance to talk with some of your potential future colleagues, what did they say about their jobs? Try to connect with people from the company on social media, if possible, and see what they really think.

Think of the future.

No matter how old you are, or where you are in your career, someday you’d like to hang it up and retire, correct? How will this job help you achieve your retirement goals? Will you have access to a retirement fund, like a 401(k) or other tax-free savings? Is there an employer contribution? Do you have to work there for a certain amount of time before these contributions are vested and, therefore won’t be reduced if you change jobs? How long do you have to work there to be eligible to contribute? Will it help you get ahead to prepare for the future?

Think about your future.

Jobs are great. Thinking about retirement is great. But what will this job do for your more immediate future? Will you have the opportunity to build on your skills, add new ones, grow and learn? If these are things that matter to you, ask about them. See if the company has any kind of training program, or mentoring opportunities, or other ways in which you can keep adding to your knowledge as you work there.

Listen to your gut.

All of the above points are important and should be brought up to the HR rep in order to make an informed decision. If you close your eyes and picture yourself in the office or workspace, are you happy to be there? Are you excited about what you’re working on? If the thought of working there is exciting and makes you feel energized, that’s a great sign! If there’s something holding you back, explore it and talk it through. There might be something that isn’t sitting quite right with your subconscious; the more we listen to our guts, the better off we tend to be.


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The job search can be a long and exhausting process. Getting an offer can feel like a massive weight off your shoulders. But don’t feel like the first offer is one you must take. Make sure it’s a great offer for you, not just for the company, before making a decision.

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