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How you can be a Recession-Proof Candidate

We’ve been hearing so much about the state of the economy for a few years now, especially after the initial shock of the pandemic, but things aren’t quite back to normal yet across the board. Some industries have rebounded while others are still securing their footing.

While you cannot individually control the fate of the world, or your company’s success, on your own, you can do everything in your power to make yourself as recession-proof as possible, whether you’re currently looking for work or if you’re employed. Here’s how to recession-proof your career, just in case.

Keep your soft skills sharp and in good order.

Soft skills are those that can be utilized in many kinds of work, not just job-specific ones. Good communication skills are an example of something that’s applicable and important in all kinds of work, in addition to project management, creativity, efficiency, problem solving and time management. The best way to keep them sharp is to work at them in your personal and professional life, keeping things in order and staying on top of to-do lists to make your day as efficient and effective as possible while not shying away from offering out-of-the-box solutions or ideas when problems arise.

Learn and start to use your transferable skills.

In addition to soft skills, every job utilizes transferable skills, or abilities that can be utilized in other careers. Being good with math, for example, is great for being an accountant or bookkeeper, but it can also help with office management, project management and other jobs where numbers matter. Strong written communication skills are another example: Being able to write reports that are concise and effective is really important in a number of different professions. Being punctual and dependable is always important and can be utilized and highlighted in many different jobs, as can public speaking and confidence in giving presentations.

Stay on top of technology.

Have you ever learned how to code? How comfortable are you when it comes to posting on social media? Do you know how to edit video or post to multiple digital channels at once? How about Microsoft Office – there are a number of capabilities in there, from spreadsheets to writing documents to making presentations, all of which are in demand. If you don’t feel terribly confident in technical applications, there are plenty of online tools and tutorials that can help bring you up to speed quickly. It might be wise to get some personal practice in before you need these abilities (if you don’t have them, that is), just so you have some examples to provide if asked or to be able to come through for your company in a pinch.

Keep your resume updated.

Not just your paper resume, the one you’d submit for a job application or bring a copy with you when you go for an interview, but your online resume as well. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date as well, with all applicable and relevant skills, training, certifications, qualifications, special abilities, proficiencies and abilities listed, including any awards or recognitions you’ve received. You want to be ready, in the case something goes awry, and well positioned to keep yourself going and looking hireable. Additionally, many companies are adopting the practice of reaching out to passive candidates, or those people who are currently in a job, and trying to lure them into a new position, and you want to make yourself as attractive to them as possible. Consider it insurance!

See which jobs are in-demand and how your skills add up.

Take a look at what other companies in your field are hiring for. Read through job descriptions at your company and others to see what skills are in-demand for these jobs and determine whether you have what companies are looking for. If you check all the boxes, that’s great! If not, the time is now to take a few steps to shore up your resume and skills to make yourself a strong candidate in the future.

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Nothing is guaranteed — we all know that. But there are things well within your control to make yourself a strong candidate, and a valuable employee, right now! Even if you love your current job, there are ways to make yourself even more important to your manager. Every little bit helps.

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