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5 Benefits to Hiring an Unskilled Candidate

It’s a tough market out there when it comes to finding a candidate who fits everything you’re looking for in a new hire. But what if you took a different approach: What if, instead of looking for someone who ticks every box on your wish list for an open position, you went with someone who is less experienced, with fewer skills, and built them up? It might not work for every position, every time, but it’s worth considering when you can. Hiring a less experienced candidate might be the best possible solution. Here’s why.

They’re adaptable.

Someone coming in without every single last skill required for a job also means they don’t have preconceived notions about how something is supposed to be done. You can train a new, inexperienced employee to do the job exactly the way you think it should be done, molding them to your expectations without having to undo anything they’ve learned previously.

They’re more likely to be creative in their approaches.

Someone who doesn’t have a set way of doing a job can come in and offer new solutions to problems, new ways of looking at things, and can suggest alternative methods for handling their job. People who have been doing the same thing for any length of time will be settled into their ways; someone who’s brand new and doesn’t know what’s been done before might offer new, more efficient ways that can help everyone.

There are no bad habits to break.

If you hire someone who’s already had years of experience doing a particular job the way their previous employer trained them, they might bring with them a comfort or familiarity with bad habits and shortcuts that don’t work for your methods. Hiring someone who doesn’t know any other way, who doesn’t have expectations or methods for cutting corners in mind, means they’ll only know your way.

They’re eager to learn and please.

When you’re training someone to do a job, and you’re taking a chance on someone with relatively little experience (at least compared to other candidates or employees), they’re going to be grateful for the chance. That’s a powerful motivator to make a good impression and to work hard to learn their new job and skills in the hopes of pleasing and making you proud.

They are the future.

Younger workers come in with boundless energy. They also have some built-in skills that more experienced workers might not: Younger workers, in this generation, are internet and technology natives, meaning they’re already more prepared to handle high-tech workplaces and computer demands. They might not know your particular operating system, but they’ve been coding and working online since childhood. They can help train some of your more seasoned and senior employees on any technological problems or concerns they might have and they’ll be eager to do it. These are workers who are innately skilled for the 21st century, but it might not be in exactly the way you need them. Combine their energy and enthusiasm with the drive to learn and succeed, toss in a little encouragement and patience and you have a team full of strong, adaptable, energetic and eager workers ready to help move your company into the future.

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Hiring someone with zero experience will not work for every position you’ll ever have open going forward. But it might be a great way to future-proof your workforce and ensure a highly-skilled, well-adjusted and adapted team is under your roof and ready to address any challenge head-on, knowing without any interference exactly how your company wants to handle problems. It’s an exciting premise!

Luckily, Sterling Personnel can help make this a reality! We have excellent candidates, some with very little professional experience, others with experience in other fields, all looking for great new jobs and they’re eager to get started right away. Call Sterling Personnel today and let’s discuss the future of your company together.