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Why it’s Important to Show Employee Appreciation Year-Round

Thanking your employees on a designated day is a nice idea. A token of appreciation at the holidays is a great gesture. But should employee appreciation be part of your regular business calendar?

In a word: Yes! Employees who know their managers and company leadership appreciate and recognize their contributions, their hard work and their efforts toward the company’s success are happier, more confident, have more engagement in their work and are less likely to leave.

Here’s why it’s important to show your employees you appreciate them on a regular basis — not just once or twice a year.

They’ll stay with you.

Research shows that employees who are recognized and acknowledged by their managers on a monthly basis are 75% more likely to stay in their jobs, while those recognized weekly are 85% more likely to remain in their positions. That means better retention across the board right away, without having to make other adjustments! Better retention means better institutional knowledge, a deeper pool of resources to help train new employees and it’s also a show of happiness and dedication to the work they’re already doing.

Happy people talk to their friends.

If you’re looking to boost the response your company receives for open positions, while also maybe improving the quality of those applicants, it’s smart to keep your team happy. People who enjoy where they work and feel respected and supported will tell their friends. When there’s an open position, they’re more likely to offer unprompted referrals to their friends to apply to work at a company where they can share insider information on company culture. Those candidates, if hired, know what kind of place they’re coming into and are more likely to hit the ground running. This also bodes well for your reputation among people who are unfamiliar with your company, as employees who are asked to leave online reviews are more likely to leave positive ones talking up all the great attributes of your company.

It breeds trust.

Employees who feel seen and appreciated know their managers and company leadership are looking out for them. They believe the company cares for them. If something comes up where they’re asked to pull together and work a little harder to cover for an absence or if someone leaves the team, and they’re told it’s a temporary situation, they’ll believe that to be true and will not push back against the request. It helps to thank your employees in these situations because it acknowledges you’re asking them to go above and beyond, especially if the company is already very busy and everyone’s plates are full; they don’t need to add extra tasks (and in an era of “quiet quitting” that’s no small feat!) but knowing you mean what you say when you tell them this is temporary and you’re grateful for their assistance, they’ll gladly step up.

It improves morale across the board.

When employees know their managers and company leadership see their efforts, appreciate their hard work and respect their time, they’re more likely to be generally happier at work. They’re less likely to complain or foster resentment, both toward leadership and the company in general. That means there’s a better, more positive attitude toward work and the company, so even bigger issues are less likely to breed discontent. Employees who know that even if they make a mistake are valued and are contributing to the bigger picture, who know they have support and will be thanked for their work, are content and less likely to be disgruntled.

It’s a sign of respect.

Leaders and managers often feel like they deserve respect simply for their titles and position. That can be really offensive — respect must be earned, not demanded. By showing people you appreciate them, and respect their efforts and their contributions, you will build respect and gain the trust of your employees. You can’t put a price on respect but you can gain a lot of ground by showing it first and receiving it in return.


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It’s such a simple concept but so many companies overlook the importance of saying thank you, or showing a little appreciation. It doesn’t need to be a big thing — literally saying thank you to employees and talking about how you realize how hard they work and want them to know you’re grateful for it can go a long way. Remember: Employees don’t leave bad jobs, they leave positions in which they feel their managers don’t value them.

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