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Relocating for Work? What to Consider Before Accepting

Congratulations! After searching for a new job, you’ve landed an offer with a new company, for a position that sounds great and pays well, with good benefits and an exciting future.

But hang on for a moment. The job is in a different city — maybe it’s in the next town over, or maybe it’s across state lines, or maybe it’s on the other side of the country.

There are a few questions you should ask before signing on the dotted line to accept the new job.

Will the company help?

Packing up and moving your life is no small thing. Will the company contribute to your relocation expenses? Things like packing materials, boxes, moving trucks, even security deposits on a new apartment all need to be factored in before you even start the job. Is the company ready and willing to chip in to defray these costs, or are they willing to reimburse you to some extent? If the new salary comes with a significant bump in pay, it might not be a deal breaker if the HR representative says no, but it’s worth asking just in case there’s a policy of contributing for employees who relocate for the company.

How will you cover costs?

Regardless of whether the company will chip in toward your relocation costs, it’s worth sitting down and crunching the numbers to determine how you’ll pay for your move. Odds are good you’ll be moving into an apartment or other rental property, at least at first, so you’ll need a security deposit, which can run thousands of dollars to cover first and last month’s rent. Factor in those same moving expenses mentioned previously — trucks, supplies, movers, etc. — and determine whether you’re better off paying cash for these necessities or putting it on a credit card to be paid off immediately after relocating.

Consider taxes.

It’s a frustrating truth: Not all states tax things the same way. Federal tax policies and practices are the same across the board, but each state has its own tax laws, which can make for a big difference — for or against your bank account — depending on your move. Make sure you take the time to look up the tax rates in the state where you’ll be moving, if you’re going to a new one, to see whether you’ll end up paying more and, as a result, bringing home less if you take the job.

What’s available in your new city?

If you move to a new city, you’ll want to know a little about where you’re going. If you’re a sports fan, you might want to consider whether there’s a thriving sports scene, either professional or amateur, to help keep you connected with your team or provide the opportunity to join a new fan base. If you’re moving with a family, you’ll want to look into the school systems near where the new job is located and consider all your options for your children’s future. Speaking of which, can your HR representative put you in touch with a realtor or other agent to help find a few suitable living accommodations if you need to move on a short timeline? There are other important things to ask about as well, including what kind of insurance is available and whether your current policies can be easily transferred over, along with any retirement or 401k accounts you might have, along with any other financial or personal documentation you might need to have sorted before you move.

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Moving for a new job can feel both exciting and overwhelming. It’s worth having a few conversations with your friends and family, in addition to the HR team at your potential new company, to determine the best course of action before you agree to anything. Be sure to obtain and weigh carefully as much information about the financial implications of the move before making a decision.

If you’re still unsure what to do, or if you’re not ready to move, that’s ok! There are still plenty of opportunities out there and Sterling Personnel can help. Take a look at the companies Sterling Personnel works with and see if any of our current openings align with your interests and career goals, then give us a call. We’ll help you find a great new job!