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3 Must Include Practices to Add to your Pre-Work Routine

Even morning people aren’t always bright-eyed and chipper the second the alarm goes off. But having a morning routine of sorts can help you feel prepared for the day ahead, maybe even giving you the boost you need to walk out into the world feeling optimistic and rarin’ to go! Here are three things that can help you get ready to embrace the day and feel like anything is possible.

Listen to your favorite songs.

Is there a tune or a band that makes you feel ready to take on the world? Why not crank it up as you get ready? Or maybe you’re more of a podcast person — is there one that really inspires you? Don’t save it for your commute, start your day with it! Music has an incredible power to make us feel better, energized and full of optimism; some podcasts are like pep talks from your closest friends who know just what to say to get you feeling motivated. Start your morning with whatever makes you feel refreshed and ready to go!

Grab a journal and reflect.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the negative, to wake up and instantly think about the bills that are due, the headaches waiting to be dealt with at work, the stress of everyday life. Instead of letting those little clouds cover up the morning sun, why not start your morning with thoughts of gratitude? This doesn’t need to be a full page worth of “live laugh love” type clichés; it can be as simple as a list of what made you happy the day before. It can be a single thing — “fresh coffee is delicious!” or “I have wonderful friends” — but starting the morning and your day recognizing the good in your life can set the tone for everything that comes after. A little perspective can go so far in making any day a great one!

Do something good for your body.

Some people really like to exercise before work — that way, they don’t have to worry about running out of steam at the end of the day and falling out of the habit; others find it a great way to help wake up before going to work. It can be as simple as a walk around the block or finding a workout video on YouTube, but exercising before work helps center you in your body before going to work — where most people will be sitting for extended periods of time, so getting the blood flowing early is a nice idea. Another pro tip: Drink water! Dehydration can lead to headaches, lack of concentration, feeling hungry, etc. A nice glass or two of water, with or without ice or flavoring, can do wonders to wake your body up and get you ready for the day. Plus, if you’re drinking eight glasses a day, you can have one glass ticked off the list before you begin! And remember what your parents and teachers have said: A good breakfast is how you power a good day. Make sure to eat something before you leave, whether it’s a full meal, a piece of toast, a piece of fruit, some yogurt, whatever. Give your body fuel to operate and it’ll keep you going all day.

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Many of us would admit to wanting to spend more time curled up in bed in the morning. But if we overindulge in that, we’ll never get anything done. And if that’s all we think about, our whole day can be ruined. If you wake up and make a little change to get your brain in the right place to start the work day, you might find everything else feels a little easier.

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