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5 Tips to Make the Best First Impression on Day 1 of a New Job

Congratulations! You’ve landed the new job and you’re so excited to get started. That’s great!

You might be feeling a little nervous about making a good first impression and that’s understandable. It’s kind of like being a kid and you’re getting ready for the first day of school all over again.

But don’t fret! Here are a few things to do to make sure you have a fantastic first day.

Give yourself time.

Set your alarm a little earlier than usual to make sure you have plenty of time to get ready. To do yourself an extra favor, the day before your start, take a ride or use the public transit you’ll take to work, just to get a sense of how long it’ll take to get there. You’ll want to look for any road work that might delay your trip, learn the fastest way to get there, etc., to make sure you arrive a few minutes early on your first day. You’ll also want to put your clothes together the day before to make sure everything looks nice and professional (more on that in a minute), because that’ll save you time in the morning too.

Make sure you know where to go.

When you arrive at the building, do you know which door to enter? Do you know where to report? Will someone meet you or will you be responsible for finding your way? Do you know who to find and what you’ll be doing? It’s a good idea to check in with your HR representative or manager a few days before you start to get these things in order and to keep a copy of the information with you as you arrive, just so you know what to do. Little reminders like this are very helpful!

Get your clothes together ahead of time.

As mentioned before, this is a time-saving tip for the morning of your first day. But it’s also a smart move because you can make sure your clothes are comfortable and professional looking and it’ll give you time to get rid of any pet hair, make any adjustments in terms of the weather, replace any buttons, make any other changes you might have to make, etc. You want to look professional and polished but you also need to be able to breathe comfortably and do what you need to do for your job. The same goes for your shoes! You don’t need to wear your highest heels or your pointiest shoes, but make sure they look nice while also being functional and comfortable.

Greet everyone warmly.

It’s ok that you won’t remember everyone’s name after the first day. They might not remember yours either! Depending on how big your team is, you might meet one other person or it might be 20, but do your best to greet everyone with a friendly smile and, if it feels right, a nice handshake. You might be assigned to shadow people for a while to get to know their jobs and how your role fits in with them; there’s time to learn the details and inner workings later. On your first day, it’s important to be friendly and come across as excited to be there. They’ll be excited to meet you too!

Speak up.

Just like you’re not expected to learn everyone’s name on the first day and remember it, you won’t be expected to learn and remember every detail of your new job on the first day. If something doesn’t make sense or you’re confused, ask! It’s better to ask the questions early than try to let on like you understand everything right away, only to ask months into the job. You’re brand new; there’s no way you’ll instantly know everything you need to know within the first day. Give yourself some patience! Ask questions; people will be more than happy to help you and explain any details that aren’t quite clear.

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The first few days of a new job can be overwhelming and frantic, but going in with a great attitude, an open mind and enthusiasm will take you far. There’s so much to learn and so many people to meet; it can feel like a lot but you’ll do fine!

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