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In Need of a Career Change? Consider Becoming an Administrative Assistant

That’s it. You’ve had it. Your job is no longer fulfilling and you’re ready to make a change. The problem is, you’re not sure what other positions are available to you or how the skills you already have might be applicable to another job.

If you’re an organized person who likes interacting with people, while also managing bills and supplies and keeping things on track, you might have a bright future ahead as an administrative assistant! These positions are critically important and vital to a company’s success and the person in that role is highly respected and appreciated by the team they support. Curious? Here are some of the skills you might already have that could make you an outstanding administrative assistant.


This is possibly the single most important skill someone can have for this job. Admins are the nerve center of busy offices, helping to organize calendars, set meetings, keep track of vacations and absences, stay on top of big projects and make sure things are moving in the right direction at all times. You might be asked to keep records, like receipts, invoices, time cards, orders and any number of other things that have to be retrievable at a moment’s notice. If you’ve developed your own system for such things, maybe even color-coding folders or tabs, you’re bound to impress!

Problem solving.

Inevitably people go to admins to help find a fix for a problem they’re having. The ability to think creatively and help solve problems make administrative assistants lifesavers to people who are too close to an issue to see it clearly. Being able to take a step back and fully understand a situation from a new vantage point can help find an easy solution to a problem quickly. Luckily, you’ll be familiar enough with the issue that you can get to work without needing to be told all the background information, making you a valuable asset.

Time management.

The original multitasker was likely an administrative assistant. All day, you’ll have requests coming in from all sides, with everyone needing a little something from you (as quickly as possible, of course). The ability to manage your tasks and be productive, giving all responsibilities their due without wasting a moment unnecessarily, will have people astonished by how you handle everything so smoothly. (The organizational skills will help with this too, inevitably!)


Some administrative assistants are the face of their company, or at least a department. You’ll need to be able to communicate quickly, clearly and effectively with customers, clients, employees, management and anyone else who might call or stop by in a given day. You’ll be asked to pass along messages, respond to emails, set up meetings, and maybe even schedule interviews. The ability to speak well, calmly and pleasantly will people, even if they’re not as nice and polite to you as they deserve, is really important because many people will be relying on you.

Computer skills.

Familiarity with some basic software is essential. How well do you know the Microsoft Office suite, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint? If you’re earning gold stars on skill tests, you’ll have this handled with no problem. If you can go beyond that — graphic design, animation, website coding or WordPress experience, familiarity with mass mailing programs like MailChimp or Constant Contact — you’re ahead of the game and will stand out. The more you can do to help your team, the better you’ll all be!

Ready to start a career as an administrative assistant? Sterling Personnel is looking for you!

Administrative assistants are so vital and valuable to a company. The best part is, all different kinds of offices need administrative assistants, from corporate environments to medical offices to schools and so much more. And for some administrative assistant positions, a college degree is a bonus!

If you’re ready to make a change and think you have what it takes to be a great administrative assistant, give Sterling Personnel a call. Our recruiters are always looking for top-notch candidates for our clients and you might be just what someone’s looking for. Call Sterling Personnel today and let’s see how quickly your new career can start!