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BOO! 3 Ways You’re Scaring Away Top Potential Talent

The leaves are starting to change, and there’s a crispness in the air. As the kids say, spooky season is here! But do you have mysterious bumps and things that go “boo!” in your hiring process? Are you giving potential talent jump scares that you don’t even realize until it’s too late? Here are three ways you might be scaring away top talent and why they need to be fixed.

Unintentional or well-meaning red flags in the job description.

If your company, at any point, refers to your team as a family, it’s time to reconsider. This used to be an indication of a wholesome place where everyone looks out for each other and works together but it’s become a massive red flag that is not taken seriously or favorably anymore. Even if your company is a family-owned business, even if it’s small, be warned that this cliche has become code for a place where people are guilted into overworking and doing more than they can, or should, in order to make the owners successful. Seeing “we’re a family” in the job or company description will turn away some talented candidates who have become savvy or skeptical of this kind of phrasing. Other codes to avoid: fast-paced environment (which is now read as “you’ll be very stressed out here because you can’t learn one task well before another is put on your plate”), self-starter (this tells candidates they’ll have little to no supervision or support), and multi-tasker (this indicates people will be given too much work to be completed in a reasonable amount of time).

Your social platforms are gathering cobwebs.

It’s possible your company’s approach to social media is to remember it on occasion. Maybe the overall thought is that social media is only needed when there’s something new to announce or when it’s time to look for a new employee, or that social media is only important for marketing firms. While that’s all understandable, it’s also dangerous! This is 2023, and people now looking for jobs — at any stage of their career — will be checking out your company’s social platforms to get a sense of what your company is all about. They use social media to learn about company culture, advances, how involved your company is in the community, big events, big announcements, etc. They want to see if you value telling your company’s story to the world. If your website, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other profiles are filled with stock photos and updated only occasionally, it’s an indication that your company is out of step with the times. While this might seem frivolous, it tells your potential job candidates that you don’t care about current trends and technologies, which could scare them away, especially if you’re in a tech-leaning field.

A less-than-favorable reputation online.

Do you know how your company is viewed online? Have you read reviews on Glassdoor, LinkedIn or other free, easily accessible and popular professional platforms? Did you know it’s possible for employees to post online reviews of their employers, often anonymously? Bad reviews or suggestions of poor treatment of workers that are posted online for the world to see will very quickly make top talent run away in fear. They don’t want to join a company that has a bad reputation. They don’t want to walk into what amounts to a house of horrors and be shocked by all the ghosts that haunt it. If you’re unaware of your company’s online reputation, it’s time to investigate. Take close note of the concerns and complaints made against your company — it’s also possible some job candidates have posted about a long interview process, for example, which can also drive people away — and see what can be done to make improvements. You can control the narrative about your company and work to rebuild a weak or damaged reputation, but you need to know the trouble zones first.

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If your company is struggling to find great candidates, it’s possible there are missteps happening about which you are unaware. Take some time to review your website, job descriptions, online reputation, social media use, etc., and see where improvements can be made. It won’t happen overnight but you can exorcize the demons holding your company back!

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