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What Is It Like To Work With Sterling Personnel

Employer Testimonials

Sterling has been a huge help in finding qualified people for our team. We have used them over the past several years and continue to use them based on their attentiveness, knowledge of the local workforce, and knowledge of the industry we’re in. Through the COVID-19 pandemic they have worked with us in finding the right candidates that fit our needs and goals.


Sterling was referred to me by another company that works with them. They were quick to respond in the little time that we had to prepare for a local job. The requirements for our jobs are in-depth, but Sterling made sure they checked every box for us in the requirements we needed to meet.

Randy M.

During the pandemic, Sterling made our company feel more like a friend than a client. They reached out to us at times during the year to ask how WE were doing. Not as a sales pitch, but as a simple “checking in on you and your team” and sending well wishes. This made me feel appreciated and I look forward to continuing my relationship with the Sterling team.

Pam S.

I’m so glad we found Sterling. We were in town for a project and saved a lot of money by using Sterling’s help instead of continuing to send our own guys from Louisiana to the job each week. They were quick to help in any way we needed and we were able to get the job done ahead of schedule.

Jack P.

Job Seeker Testimonials

I had been looking for work for a few months now and after reaching out to Sterling, they were able to find me a position that fit what I was looking for. I’ve recommended them to several friends and family members who were able to help them out as well in finding short-term and long-term positions.


Very professional! I was very impressed with how nice everyone was and liked that everyone had a smile on their face. I would definitely recommend Sterling to anyone looking for a job!

Elizabeth S.

The entire staff cares about their candidates from your recruiter to the person who processes your payroll to the owner. Sterling kept me constantly and continuously working for 2 years! Yes, you read that correctly, 2 full years I worked temp positions for them. If you want an agency that cares as much as you do that you’re working, go with Sterling! All the recruiters are amazing but my recruiter Liz is my favorite!

Julie E.

I have been very pleased with Sterling Personnel. Rebekah was fantastic about getting the interview and testing set up for me as well as placing me with a fantastic company! Never disappointed! Highly recommend!

Stacy C.